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Pan-Cinema Experimental, Brazil – Deadline: 6 June
Arts and Disability Connect awards scheme 2023, Ireland – Deadline: Opportunity – 7 June
The Arts Council Reel Art Award, Ireland – Deadline: 8 June
The Arts Council Authored Works, Ireland – Deadline: 8 June
Toronto International Women Film Festival, Canada – Final Deadline: 9 June, Final Deadline: 12 July
Irish Film Festival London, UK – Regular Deadline: 10 June, Late Deadline: 21 August
LogoB3 Festival of the Moving Image, Germany (training programme) – Deadline: 12 June
ARFF Amsterdam Film Awards, Netherlands – Regular Deadline: 14 June, Final Deadline: 19 July
Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival, Romania – Final Extended Deadline (Int. shorts): 15 June
non-syntax Experimental Image, Japan – Regular Deadline: 15 June
IMAGE+NATION FESTIVAL COURTS QUEER SHORT FILM FEST, Canada – Earlybird Deadline: 15 June, Regular Deadline 15: August, Late Deadline: 15 September
Waterford Film Festival, Ireland – Regular Deadline: 16 June, Late Deadline: 31 July, Extended Deadline: 26 August
London Short Film Festival, UK – Regular Deadline: 16 June, Late Deadline: 7 August
Experimental Film Guanajuato, Mexico – Regular Deadline: 18 June, Extended Deadline: 16 August, Very Extended Deadline: 12 September
Doc.Berlin Documentary Film Festival, Germany – Regular Deadline: 19 June, Late Deadline: 19 July, Very Late Deadline: 19 August, Extended Deadline: 19 September, FilmFreeway Extended Deadline: 19 October
Toronto Arthouse Film Festival, Canada – Very Late Deadline: 23 June, Extended Deadline: 23 July, FilmFreeway Extended Deadline: 13 August
MIMO VIDEO ART, Portugal – Extended Deadline: 30 June
OFFline Film Festival, Ireland – Earlybird Deadline: 30 June 2023, Regular Deadline: 29 September
Altered Images, UK – Earlybird Deadline: 30 June, Regular Deadline: 29 September
GRRL HAUS CINEMA, USA and Germany – Midway Deadline: 30 June, Extended Deadline: 31 August, Final Deadline: 30 November
The WNDX Festival of Moving Image, Canada – Deadline: 30 June
International Art Film Festival, Birmingham – Earlybird Deadline: 30 June, Late Deadline: 31 July, Extended Deadline: 30 September
YES! Let’s Make a Movie Film Festival, Toronto – Extended Deadline: 1 July
MicroActs 15, U.K. – Deadline: 2 July
Cork International Film Festival, Ireland – Late Deadline: 14 July, Irish Shorts Late Deadline: 4 August
Saigon Experimental Film Festival, Vietnam – Regular Deadline: 1 August
Arts and Disability Connect awards scheme 2023, Ireland – Deadline: Opportunity 2: 14 August
Festival Transterritorial De Cine Underground, Argentina – Regular Deadline: 25 August, Extended Deadline: 15 September
IN THE PALACE, Bulgaria – Regular Deadline: 1 October