One on one Advisory Sessions

One-on-one advice sessions for Irish and Ireland-based artists working with the moving image.

These informal hour-long sessions take place on an ongoing regular basis and are facilitated by aemi’s directors. The sessions offer an opportunity to discuss your own practice and any questions you might have relating to production, post-production, exhibition strategies, funding, and promotion. Advisory sessions can take place at any stage within the development of your own work or practice. These sessions can take place either in-person or online and are open to all Irish or Irish-based artists and filmmakers.

To avail of an advisory session or to become an aemi affiliate artist email [email protected]

Preparing for an advisory session
While aemi’s directors can look at a small amount of viewing material in advance of these sessions, as well as some material during the session itself, we generally find it best to leave as much time as possible for discussion so in preparing for your advisory session focus on what is most relevant. It can also be helpful to provide some written material about the work such as practice description, artist bio, website info etc. Following the session artists may be asked to complete a short evaluation form so that we can monitor how helpful the sessions have been and to ensure they are as useful for artists as possible in the future. Due to circumstances presented by Covid-19, all one-on-one advisory sessions will be conducted remotely via video or phone calls for the foreseeable.