aemi is a Dublin-based initiative that supports and regularly exhibits moving image works by artists and experimental filmmakers.

Since its formation in 2016 aemi’s key objective has been to provide support for artists working with the moving image in order to contribute to a developing infrastructure around these practices in Ireland. aemi is dedicated to expanding audiences for this material through regular curated programmes of Irish and international work with the intention of enriching the critical discourse that surrounds the wide range of activity in this area.

aemi prioritises access to the cinema as an important site of exhibition for artists and makes this space available to engage with overlooked histories of practice and cultivate new forms of expression through the moving image. One of aemi’s current priorities is the development of a strategic approach for the national and international dissemination of moving image works by Irish and Ireland-based artists through touring and festival partnerships. In doing so aemi contributes to a more multifaceted network of supports for moving image artists in Ireland that strengthens connections with similarly framed international organisations.

aemi has presented screening programmes featuring work by over a hundred Irish and international artists. These events create opportunities for critical discourse through commissioned texts and talks with artists, programmers and curators. aemi has also produced ambitious research projects such as ‘No Longer Peripheral’ curated with Dr Maeve Connolly and presented at Trinity College Dublin (2019) as well as large scale public art projects such as ‘port | river | city’ curated with artist Cliona Harmey and commissioned by Dublin Port Company (2017).

aemi works in close partnership with LUX, an international agency for artists who work with the moving image, the Irish Film Institute, Ireland’s national cultural institution for film and Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, a leading artists’ studio complex and contemporary art gallery in Dublin City Centre. aemi also regularly partners with a growing number of national and international arts and film organisations to present screening events that respond to, reflect upon, and interact with the varied themes that arise through their public programmes.

aemi was founded by its co-directors Alice Butler & Daniel Fitzpatrick in 2016 and is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.

Along with Aoife Desmond, Alan Lambert, Donal Foreman and Esperanza Collado, both Daniel and Alice were curators with the Experimental Film Club, a collaborative project that presented over 50 artist and experimental moving image programmes in Ireland between 2010 and 2015, many of which took place at the Irish Film Institute.

Alice Butler is a Dublin-based film programmer, curator, lecturer and writer. Alice worked at the Irish Film Institute for six years where she curated several film seasons and had responsibility for artist moving image programming. Solo curatorial ventures have included ‘The L-Shape’ at The Dock, ‘As We May Think’ at IFI and ‘New Spaces’ with VAI Northern Ireland. Alice has written on the moving image for Sight and Sound, Vdrome, Paper Visual Art and Enclave Review and she has lectured or participated in panels on the moving image at Trinity College Dublin, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, IMMA and PLASTIK Festival of Artists’ Moving Image.

Daniel Fitzpatrick served as Co-Director of PLASTIK Festival of Artists’ Moving Image in 2015 and 2017. He has also worked as a lecturer, programmer, and researcher with a special interest in the field of artists’ and experimental moving image. Daniel also served as Director of Killruddery Film Festival from 2009 to 2012 and was Co-Director of Experimental Film Club.

aemi’s artist remuneration and support policy

aemi provides key supports to Irish and Ireland-based artists through its Affiliate programme, an ongoing national initiative that offers advice and mentoring sessions as well as workshops aimed at developing artist moving image practice. aemi also produces a monthly newsletter which highlights key events and opportunities in this area. To find out more about these supports and to subscribe to our free newsletter visit our artist support page.

Since its formation aemi has aimed for clarity and transparency in its artist remuneration policy. aemi believes strongly in the importance of paying artists for the exhibition of their work.

Created in conjunction with international standards, aemi has established a set of screening fees for artists (designed to cover a single public screening). These standards have helped provide a minimum working base for agreements with artists but all final arrangements are made in conversation with artists and are agreed upon in advance.

Standard screening fees are as follows:
1 –5 mins €80
6 -30 mins €100
31 -60 mins €150
60 mins and over €200

All arrangements around remuneration are made directly with artists and aemi continues to develop its remuneration policy in relationship with a wide range of international organisations as well as through its direct engagement with artists. aemi also develops its policies in compliance with, and in conversation with the Arts Council of Ireland’s recently published policy around ‘Paying the Artist’ (2020).

To contact aemi for further information email [email protected]