aemi’s next programme features the Irish premiere of Turner prize winning artist Mark Leckey’s Dream English Kid, 1964 – 1999 AD

Published date: 18 Dec 2018

Dream English Kid is a collage of what Leckey calls ‘found memories’ made from sources such as adverts, TV programmes and music as well as reconstructions using props and models. He made the film after he found a recording on YouTube of a Joy Division concert he attended as a teenager and realised that many of our personal memories can now be found online. While acting as a form of self–portrait for the artist, the film also seeks to connect us all through shared memory and experience.”

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Dream English Kid, 1964 – 1999 AD will screen at the Irish Film Institute as part of The Memory-Image curated by Sarah Durcan in collaboration with aemi on January 29th 2019. For further details see