11 July 2022 - 11 July 2022
Pálás Cinema, Galway
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aemi & ANNEX present: Framing Entanglement

11 July 2022 / 6:30pm / Pálás Cinema, Galway
Free in-person cinema screening in Galway + Q&A with programme artists Edy Fung, Fiona Marron and Frank Sweeney

Curated by aemi to reflect upon and interact with the varied themes that arise in ‘Entanglement’, the exhibition realised for the Irish pavilion at the Architecture Biennale in Venice in 2021, this programme of films on data infrastructure and its relationship to landscape, features work by Irish and international artists Larry Achiampong, Caroline Doolin, Edy Fung, Fiona Marron, Dalibor Martinis and Frank Sweeney.

Adopting a range of different registers, this programme looks to reveal the ordinarily concealed labour involved in maintaining information and communication technologies in order to explore the human, environmental and cultural cost of sustaining the – often broken, often corrupt and sometimes rogue – systems that have become part of our natural order.

Film information
Fiona Marron, Latency, 2015, 8 minutes
Dalibor Martinis, Nth Cinematic Nail Factory, 1999/2021-, 7 minutes
Frank Sweeney, People enjoy my company, 2021, 18 minutes
Edy Fung, A Conversation, 2016, 10 minutes
Caroline Doolin, Fault Bound Bodies, 2017, 18 minutes
Larry Achiampong, Relic 1, 2017, 14 minutes
Total Running Time: 75 minutes

Schedule in Galway

➡️ Fairgreen Gallery, Fairgreen Road, Galway city

Immediately prior to the cinema screening, the curators at ANNEX are offering a free tour of ‘Entanglement’ – the Irish pavilion’s exhibition at the Architecture Biennale at Venice in 2021, exhibiting at Fairgreen Gallery in Galway next week as part of Galway International Arts Festival. All welcome, free to attend and no booking required.

After the ANNEX tour, the group will be guided from Fairgreen Gallery to Pálás Cinema for the screening at 6.30pm

6:30pm FREE CINEMA + Q&A
➡️ Pálás Cinema, 15 Lower Merchant Road, Galway city

This free cinema event at Pálás Cinema, called ‘Framing Entanglement’, is curated by aemi around the themes in ANNEX’s exhibition at Fairgreen Gallery. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion between aemi and programme artists Edy Fung, Fiona Marron and Frank Sweeney with ANNEX curators in attendance. The free cinema seats can be booked directly via Pálás.


‘Entanglement’ is being presented at ANNEX as part of Galway International Arts Festival from July 11th until July 24th.

aemi is an Arts Council-funded organisation that supports and exhibits moving image work by artists and experimental filmmakers.

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A still from Fault Bound Bodies shows a CG image of the interior of a volcano. The footage is rendered in cartoon-like fashion with brown, rock walls receding into the distance. Light, orange and yellow embers hover across the screen. In the lower half of the screen a black box caption reads ‘We get cooler’ in white, sans serif font. Below the box caption is a small, diagrammatic embellishment showing two white, curved lines positioned side by side with a white, upside down love heart at their centre.

Caroline Doolin, Fault Bound Bodies (2017), 18’ 30”, image courtesy of the artist

A child with dark skin wearing a futuristic helmet, stands outdoors with trees in the background, closes their eyes and directs their face towards the sky

Larry Achiampong, Relic 1 (2017), 14 minutes, image courtesy of the artist and LUX, London

Black and white footage of thousands of nails together within machinery. A person working stretches their arms over the pile

Dalibor Martinis, Nth Cinematic Nail Factory (1999/2021-), 7 minutes, image courtesy of the artist

White text on a plain bright mint green background reads: Are you a follower or a leader?

Edy Fung, A Conversation (2016), 10 minutes, image courtesy of the artist

Archival footage a person in silhouette wearing a costume of a large hat and shaggy coat, with their face painted in stripes of the Irish colour green, white and orange. A huge flag hang in-between the pillars of a large building, with the word EIR visible on the flag

Frank Sweeney, People enjoy my company (2021), RTÉ Archives, image courtesy of the artist

Outdoors in an industrial setting, five men of different ethnicities all wearing builders hats are standing on a huge amount of coiled cable

Fiona Marron, Latency (2013-2015), 8 minutes, production still, image courtesy of the artist

A composite image of headshots of three people. Left to right: Edy Fung is a mixed-heritage woman with long straight black hair. She is wearing a dark hat and blue jacket and is looking into the distance while pink light streams across her. Fiona Marron is a white woman with shoulder-length straight hair. She is smiling off-camera, and is wearing a dark shirt buttoned up, and a necklace with a geometrical design. Frank Sweeney is a white man with short curly brown hair, wearing a black jumper. He is smiling and is sitting in front of a blank grey wall.

Q&A speakers: programme artists Edy Fung, Fiona Marron, Frank Sweeney