Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford
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aemi & Garter Lane present: In the long now

19 October 2022 / 6:30pm / Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford
Cinema event in Waterford with in-person programme introduction by aemi Co-Director Daniel Fitzpatrick


The cinema release of aemi’s 2022 Tour ‘In the long now’ travels to Garter Lane Arts Centre in Waterford on Wednesday 19th October 

‘In the long now’ is aemi’s new film programme that places work by Irish contemporary film artists in conversation with three titles by international practitioners. All of the filmmakers are innovating new approaches to the moving image as an artform.

Featuring recent films by Eavan Aiken (IE), Jeamin Cha (KR), Patrick Hough (IE), Sandy Kennedy (IE), Alee Peoples (USA) and Sylvia Schedelbauer (DE), ‘In the long now’ explores ideas relating to love, liveness, mortality, and the act or technological process of seeing beyond the limits set by our physical abilities.

‘In the long now’ received its world premiere at Cork International Film Festival 2021, and is touring to a number of venues across Ireland and internationally across 2022. More info on the ‘In the long now’ tour

Tickets for this screening at Garter Lane are just €5

Film information
Alee Peoples, Standing Forward Full, 2020, USA, 5 minutes 38 seconds
Eavan Aiken, White Hole, 2021, Ireland, 13 minutes
Jeamin Cha, Ellie’s Eye, 2020, Korea/ USA, 11 minutes
Sandy Kennedy, The Incorporeal Body of a Shadow Soul, 2021, Ireland, 12 minutes
Sylvia Schedelbauer, Labor of Love, 2020, Germany, 12 minutes
Patrick Hough, The Black River of Herself, 2021, Ireland/ UK, 27 minutes

Alee Peoples, Standing Forward Full
A helter skelter is an amusement ride with a spiral slide built around a tower. Like this film, an exorcism attempt of an unrequited desire, itʼs either moving too fast or at a complete standstill. Disorienting but exciting.

Eavan Aiken, White Hole
Human and animal kin are instrumentalised; units of production, their substrate exhausted. Can we conceive a future where technology serves all and look forward with Promethean vigour?

White Hole spirals through space and time, seeking the ideal moment for opportunity.

Jeamin Cha, Ellie’s Eye
Ellie’s Eye is an essay video comprising found and original footage. This film interrogates how future societies and technologies can approach psychological issues of different individuals, and whether we are objectifying the human psyche itself.

Sandy Kennedy, The Incorporeal Body of a Shadow Soul
Based on memories and experiences of innocent women harmed by patriarchal ideologies in Irish culture, The Incorporeal Body of a Shadow Soul is a film poem, imagining the half life of a soul unable to escape the time and place of her wounding.

Sylvia Schedelbauer, Labor of Love
An expanding feeling, unfolding new inflections — forever different, forever changing.

Patrick Hough, The Black River of Herself
When an archaeologist is sent to Offaly excavate the remains of an Iron Age bog body, he finds the unexpected. The bog body has awakened to deliver him a stark warning; he must confront the impending storm of ecological collapse or face unfathomable disaster.

Essay by Gwen Burlington
‘In the long now’ is accompanied by a new text by Irish critic Gwen Burlington which looks closely at what each film means in relation to life and death cycles – from more human-centric experiences to the impacts of climate change on the planet across space and time.

Download the essay:
Gwen Burlington, ‘In the long now’ aemi Tour 2022 (Word doc)
Gwen Burlington, ‘In the long now’ aemi Tour 2022 (PDF)


Psychedelic image of a butterfly amid illuminous pink, orange, red, blue and purple colours

Sylvia Schedelbauer, Labor of Love, 2020, Germany, image courtesy of the artist

A dark close-up image of a person's hands loosely clasping each other

Sandy Kennedy, The Incorporeal Body of a Shadow Soul, 2021, Ireland, image courtesy of the artist

Black and white X ray showing a dog's spine

Jeamin Cha, Ellie's Eye, 2020, USA, Korea, image courtesy of the artist

White Hole, Eavan Aiken, image courtesy of the artist

Eavan Aiken, White Hole,, 2021, Ireland, image courtesy of the artist

Detail against a dark background of a person wearing black tights and high heel orange shoes. They are wearing playful skeleton costume gloves with the shape of bones painted in pink, and reaching all the way down to the ground and the person's fingers are spread out on the ground beside their bright high heels

Alee Peoples, Standing Forward Full, 2020, USA, image courtesy of the artist

A bright image of the detail of blue coral against a cool grey colour background

Patrick Hough, The Black River of Herself, Ireland, image courtesy of the artist