aemi Rough Cut session – July 2023

27 July 2023 / 19:00 / Online

Rough Cut events form part of aemi’s Artist Support programme. We present three editions of Rough Cut each year through which we offer artists the opportunity to share and discuss film works in progress to a small, invited group of peers for support and feedback. Artists Eva Richardson McCrea and Susan Hughes participated in the July 2023 edition of the event which took place online with programmer, curator and writer Myriam Mouflih providing responses to both of their projects.

Working across video, sculpture and photography Eva Richardson McCrea’s practice takes specific sites as points of departure into exploring the politics of the built environment and relations between architecture and daily life in the production of contemporary subjectivity. Borrowing conventions from cinema, theatre and television and drawing on a range of source material, her work explores discourses of the home as a stage set for performing domestic life, the city as a contested site of urban imaginaries and estrangement as a core condition of individual and social experience. Recent exhibitions include; Löwengasse, Cologne (2022); Project Arts Centre, Dublin (2022); Goethe Institute, Dublin (2022); The Crypt at St. Lukes, Cork (2022); FONDA, Leipzig; VISUAL Carlow, (2021); CCA, Glasgow (2020). She is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland. For Rough Cut Eva presented Mona Lisa Living, the title of footage she shot ‘undercover’ at viewings of a micro living apartment and co-living development.

Susan Hughes’ practice is multidisciplinary comprising video, sculpture, audio and installation. She graduated with an MFA in 2021 from the University of Ulster. She has completed many artist residencies in Ireland and Scandinavia where she has used her traditional fiddle playing as a bartering tool to gain access to local stories. She is a studio holder with Orchid Studios and is a recipient of the Freeland’s Artist Programme Award 2022-2024. Susan’s film Eyes Like Cats forms part of ‘Súitú’, an aemi programme touring to venues nationally and internationally across 2023. For Rough Cut Susan presented footage from her film May the Hills and the Heights Have You. In the 1950s Sean Ó hEochaidh compiled the Fairy Legends from Donegal (published by UCD), a collection of sinister supernatural accounts from Teelin, South West Donegal. In 1991 people travelled from South West Donegal to the outskirts of Paris to help construct EuroDisney. Susan is developing a film work which will weave together these parallel fairytales alongside research into the influence of natural phenomena in the landscape (such as phosphorescence and fluorescent geology) on Irish folklore and contemporary culture.

If you’re a film artist, producer or curator and have an interest in attending a future Rough Cut event, contact us any time at [email protected]. Our sincere thanks Eva and Susan for sharing their work as part of Rough Cut this month.


This is a still from the film 'Mona Lisa Living' by Eva Richardson McCrea. The image shows a cream-coloured couch positioned at a slight diagonal angle within the frame. Two cream-coloured large cushions are seen at the top of the couch, positioned against the wall. The wall behind the cushions is dark grey, and the wall to the right of the bed has a wide strip of black at the bottom with a white section directly above it. At the bottom centre of the image, there is small white-coloured text with a shadow effect that reads, 'And then this becomes the bed?'.

Still from the film Mona Lisa Living by Eva Richardson McCrea, presented at Rough Cut on July 27th 2023