24 March 2022 - 24 March 2022
Online Event

aemi Rough Cut session – March 2022

24 March 2022 / / Online Event

aemi is delighted to continue our Rough Cut sessions as a series of three events across 2022. The events take place online as part of our Artist Support programme. Rough Cut offers artists who work with the moving image the opportunity to share works-in-progress in a supportive peer environment.

Two artist-filmmakers present work at each event and we invite a guest curator, programmer, critic or producer to act as a lead responder. The responder gives feedback on the artists’ works-in-progress on topics specific to each presentation, such as concept development, production methodologies, exhibition strategies, etc. The events have a small audience in attendance on Zoom and the conversation is opened out to the group. Because the work being presented and discussed is still in process, Rough Cut events aren’t recorded for public presentation.

Film artists Holly Márie Parnell and Isadora Epstein will present work at Rough Cut upcoming at the end of March, and the lead responder for this event will be Susan Gibb.

Holly Márie Parnell is an artist filmmaker, based between the UK and Ireland. Taking a documentary approach, her work is built from personal encounters and is motivated by the subtle yet powerful truths of embodied knowledge and lived experience. She is currently working on a short film funded by the Arts Council Ireland Film Project Award. She is a recent alumnus of the FLAMIN Fellowship, and an MFA graduate of the Slade.

Isadora Epstein writes and makes performances from her research of art history and mythology. Her work brings together an ensemble of artists working in visual art, experimental music, and dance. The activities of her practice include three distinct processes: research, script writing, and collaborative rehearsals. Her performances are joyful acts of remembrance which offer up the ridiculous fantasy of immortality through the making of temporary fictional worlds. At Rough Cut, she will be showing her first video piece The Revivalist which she developed during her Digital Media Residency at Fire Station Artist Studios. Video is a new media for Epstein and she wants to open the discussion of what role it can play in a performance practice.

Susan Gibb, Executive Director at Western Front Society in Vancouver, is an arts leader and curator with fifteen years experience working for multidisciplinary arts centres internationally, and has an expertise in performance and media production. She also has extensive experience in arts publishing, including as an editor and publication manager across print and digital formats.

If you’re a film artist, producer or curator and have an interest in attending Rough Cut in the future, contact us at [email protected]


Still image from a film by Holly Márie Parnell. The image is a close-up of a white person's two eyes and nose. The room is dark but the person is slightly illuminated by the blue light from a computer out of frame.

Still image from [currently untitled] short film work in progress by Holly Márie Parnell, courtesy of the artist

Three images, placed side-by-side vertically, repeatedly focus on the face of a woman wearing red lipstick. The woman holds a different facial expression in each image. She is wearing purple gloves and uses her hands animatedly.

Isadora Epstein, The Revivalist, still image from work-in-progress, courtesy of the artist. Videographer: Millie Egan