27 July 2022 - 18 October 2022
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Anita Delaney, Well screening on ‘aemi online’

27 July 2022 / / aemi online
Screening for free on 'aemi online' until 18 October, available to international audiences with closed captions

Anita Delaney, Well, with an introductory text by Ruairí McCann

A dizzy momentum of living is powerfully expressed in Anita Delaney’s compact and wryly humorous Well (2020). It’s packed with the most unassuming of objects – keys, phone, slipper – objects that smack against domestic surfaces in moments edited together in rapid succession. Coming in at well under 2 minutes, it’s a work that is over before you fully comprehend it, before you know why you’re now floating in a state of heightened déjà vu.

Alongside Delaney’s film, Ruairí McCann’s text bridges timescapes in his unpacking of Well. His positioning of the work poetically weaves in and out of 1980s philosophy, comedy and post-punk scenes, before concluding with an exploration of Well within the bleachy aesthetics of contemporary self-care industries.

Visit the free exhibition of Well on ‘aemi online’ here

This ‘aemi online’ screening is available with closed captions.

Film info
Anita Delaney, Well, 2020, UHD video and stereo audio, 1 minute 28 seconds, closed captions


Download Ruairí McCann’s text:
Ruairí McCann, introductory text (Word doc)
Ruairí McCann, introductory text (PDF)