3 April 2022 - 3 April 2022
Irish Film Institute
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Zheng Lu Xinyuan, Jet Lag at East Asia Film Festival Ireland

3 April 2022 / 4pm / Irish Film Institute
In-person cinema screening with introduction by aemi

East Asia Film Festival Ireland presents Jet Lag at IFI, with in-person introduction by aemi
Plus online Q&A between aemi and director Zheng Lu Xinyuan

To mark the screening of Jet Lag at EAFFI 2022, this cinema presentation at IFI will begin with an in-person introduction by aemi. Additionally, a pre-recorded Q&A between Jet Lag‘s director Zheng Lu Xinyuan and aemi co-director Alice Butler will be available online on EAFFI’s website from 31 March

Jet Lag
Chinese director Zheng Lu Xinyuan (The Cloud in her Room, EAFFI 2021) experiments with fragmented form and narrative. Shot in the midst of lockdown she combines family stories with moments of travel and displacement across continents in this personal cinematic essay shot on video in black and white. Her unique eye captures strong poetic and texturally rich images and isolated fragments of time, slowly inducing a palpable sensation of being displaced and in a state of flux. Forum Section, Berlin International Film Festival 2022
– Notes by Marie-Pierre Richard, EAFFI

“Spring 2018, Grandma and our family were invited to Mandalay to attend a distant relative’s wedding. In between the banquet and sightseeing, Grandma was eager to find out more about her missing father, who left China when she was five, becoming a Monk in later life. After multiple flight cancellations, my girlfriend Zoe and I made our way back home. We visited Grandma together. I came to realise that Grandma, Zoe and I were all experiencing an absence of fatherhood for different reasons. In February 2021, a military coup took place in Myanmar. All of a sudden, Myanmar again became a place that is so close and at the same time so far away.” – Zheng Lu Xinyuan

Biography, Zheng Lu Xinyuan
Born in 1991 in China. She studied film production. Her feature film debut Ta fang jian li de yun / The Cloud in her Room won the Tiger Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival in 2020. Jet Lag is her second feature-length film.

Previous films include: Dinner, 2012, 10 min; Women on Islands, 2014, 6 min; Running in a Sleeping River, 2016, 11 min; 5’ Funeral in the Rain, 2017, 8 min; Niu in the Last Day of Fall, 2017, 24 min; Smokers Die Slowly Together, 2017, 12 min; Feverish, 23 min, 2018, Gong che shang de bai se hu die/ A White Butterfly on a Bus, 2020, 17 min; Ta fang jian li de yun/ The Cloud in Her Room, 2020, 101 min; Just Like Any Other Night, 2021, 24 min; Jet Lag, 2022, 111 min.

Film info
Zheng Lu Xinyuan, Jet Lag, 2022, 111 minutes, Switzerland-Austria, colour and black & white
Languages: Mandarin, Burmese, English, Subtitles: English
Screening at IFI 4pm Sunday 3 April, as part of the 6th East Asia Film Festival Ireland 31 March – 3 April 2022




Jet Lag (2022) directed by Zheng Lu Xinyuan, EAFFI 2022

Jet Lag (2022) directed by Zheng Lu Xinyuan, EAFFI 2022

A black and white image of a person against a blank wall with flowers in front of their face, their hands are also raised in front of their face and one of their eyes peeks from in between the flower petals

Jet Lag (2022) directed by Zheng Lu Xinyuan, EAFFI 2022