14 Jan 2020

No Longer Peripheral features in Jan/Feb 2020 edition of VAN

We’re very pleased to be included in the latest edition of Visual Artists Ireland News Sheet with a column piece on No Longer Peripheral, an event we hosted in association with The Douglas Hyde Gallery in November 2019. The day-long programme comprised of screenings of Irish artist moving image work curated by aemi, a screening of Scottish work curated by LUX Scotland and a screening of Northern Irish work curated by AMINI, each followed by group discussions from panels of speakers, respondents and the audience.

The idea behind No Longer Peripheral was to spark a dialogue and deepen connections between artist moving image cultures in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. We developed the event in collaboration with Dr. Maeve Connolly, envisaged as a live research process; an opportunity to examine art practices in three communities where artist moving image practice is remarkably dominant.

The full piece is available to download to read here.