‘Some Notes on Access, Art, and Writing’ recent text by Lucie McLaughlin

Published date: 27 Sep 2022

Artist and writer Lucie McLaughlin was recently commissioned to write a short text about captioning, art and writing for Animating Archives, a PhD research group based in London. She took websites such as ‘aemi online’, Wysing Broadcasts and the CCA Annex as a point of departure for discussion around the process/ practice of captioning artists’ moving image, and the changes around online broadcast of work that have happened since Covid.

The text, titled ‘Some Notes on Access, Art, and Writing’, is available to read and listen to here.

Animating Archives is a research project exploring artistic and experimental work with grassroots and radical archival resources. Lucie McLaughlin is an artist and writer from Belfast. She is a research associate at CCA Derry~Londonderry and her book, Suppose A Collapse, was released in May 2021 with JOAN, a new publishing project for interdisciplinary artists’ writing. She runs Eat The Pips, which works with artists and institutions to provide captions, consultation, and transcription.