Upcoming Arts Council of Ireland Awards for Film Artists – Next Generation Artists Award, Reel Art Award

Published date: 14 Apr 2021

Next Generation Artists Award
The purpose of the Next Generation artists award is to support a group of promising artists across all disciplines at an early but pivotal stage in their career. Recipients will receive €25,000 and will also take part in a collective week-long residential programme in spring 2022. Joint applications and interdisciplinary applications are welcomed.

This award is designed to support emerging artists to:

buy time to develop their work and practice;

support unique development needs to advance their own practice (this might be through engagement with a mentor, research, non-formal study and/or non-vocational training, collaborative partnerships, etc.). Applicants must detail the development need that would most advance his or her career at this time.

The maximum awarded to individual artists will be €25,000
Deadline: 17:30, Thursday 20 May 2021
The application Guidelines and more information on the Next Generation Artists Award are available here

Reel Art Award
The purpose of Reel Art is to provide film artists with the opportunity to make highly creative, imaginative and experimental documentaries on an artistic theme for cinema exhibition. Two films will be supported in 2021. A total fund of €112,500 will be made available to each of the successful applicants (to include a production budget of €100,000 and further exhibition support of €12,500). Only films that can be made within this budget will be considered. The films must be completed to premiere at the Dublin International Film Festival, our exhibition partner, in February 2023.

The Arts Council’s purpose in offering Reel Art is to support film artists to make documentary art films that would not otherwise get made. The award offers film artists a unique opportunity to make artistic film works on arts subjects. Film artists should have a passion for their subject and be able to transpose this to the screen.

Projects should be conceived for theatrical exhibition at film festivals and in arthouse/cultural-cinema settings. Only proposals for original, imaginative and aesthetically driven treatments of arts subjects will be considered, while proposals that offer visually engaging, creative and experimental approaches to their subject will be prioritised.

Reel Art films must be made within a total maximum budget of €100,000 and must be completed on/before 1 December 2022.

The maximum awarded to individual artists will be €100,000
Deadline: 17:30, Thursday 27 May 2021
The application Guidelines and more information on Reel Art Award are available here

aemi online event: Funding Opportunities for Film Artists
Film artists interested in applying to these awards may like to attend aemi’s free event on Friday 16 April, Funding Opportunities for Film Artists

The first session of the day will be an Arts Council Film Funding Clinic, an presentation by Fionnuala Sweeney and Audrey Keane of Arts Council Ireland outlining available funding opportunities for artists working in film, anyone attending will be able to ask questions and learn more about any upcoming Arts Council awards available to film artists. Film artists Bryony Dunne, Kevin Gaffney and Dónal Foreman will also present on the day.

Friday 16 April, register for free here