aemi Commission 2021: Myrid Carten

Published date: 18 Feb 2021

In 2021 aemi is delighted to be working with Irish moving image artist Myrid Carten to commission a new short-form documentary that will draw on a personal archive of material focusing on family, ideas of home and how we make and unmake one another as images. Myrid uses documentary and fiction, and often a playful combination of both, to interrogate both the struggle for intimacy and the ways we reconcile ourselves with our pasts. Myrid’s films have screened widely both in Ireland and at international venues and festivals.

This commission is made possible through the Arts Council of Ireland’s Commissions Award, the purpose of which is to enable arts organisations to commission new work from independent artists. aemi will premiere Myrid’s new film at the end of 2021 as part of its ongoing exhibition programme.


I’m delighted to have this aemi commission. As an emerging artist, I appreciate their support, faith, and investment in my practice. It’s class to be in a team passionate about expanding Irish artist film. This commission solidifies aemi’s early support of my work into an exciting collaboration. Alice and Daniel bring an external perspective alongside a deep understanding of the moving image process. This is a gift when developing my personal body of work about inheritance, family and agency. – Myrid Carten

Myrid Carten - 16mm Film Still