aemi online

aemi online is an ongoing virtual exhibition space for new and existing moving image work by Irish and Ireland-based artists. Each work showcased through this platform will screen for a fixed duration and will be accompanied by a commissioned introductory text that will remain accessible after the run of the film has drawn to a close. Previous exhibitions and upcoming works will be listed on this page.

Screening 9 December 2020 - 9 February 2021

Orla McHardy, Goodnight

with an introductory text by Fanny Howe

For the final iteration of ‘aemi online’ of 2020, we are thrilled to present Goodnight by Irish artist, animator and filmmaker Orla McHardy. Considering what has been a complex, inundating year to say the least, Goodnight is a reminder of the value of stripping back the excess and zoning in on what bridges life and death; moments that circle around in the mind as well as in life itself. Much in the same way that Goodnight extends the formal language of animation, Fanny Howe’s introductory text is an expanded, poetic perspective on Orla’s unassuming, quietly epic film.

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