Queens Film Theatre, Belfast
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aemi & Docs Ireland present: Come away, O human Child! Films selected by Myrid Carten

3 July 2022 / 2:30pm / Queens Film Theatre, Belfast
In-person cinema screening in Belfast followed by Q+A with Ruairí McCann

A programme of short films selected by artist-filmmaker Myrid Carten, followed by post-screening Q+A with Ruairí McCann

The documentary form has often answered the call of the difficult and the distant, the exotic and alien. This programme looks at how we find ourselves in the other, at how places and people inhabit us like second-hand smoke. How can cinema show this porousness? What happens (to film, to us) when it does?

Includes a preview of Myrid’s new work Sorrow had a baby – aemi Film Commission 2021, supported by The Arts Council

Film information
Dorian Jespers,
Sun Dog, 2020, 20 minutes
Simon Aeppli, Secondhand daylight, 2007, 8 minutes
Cecilia Mangini, Stendalí: Suonano Ancora, 1960, 11 minutes
Eva Marie Rødbro, I touched her legs, 2010, 15 minutes
Andrea Arnold,
Dog, 2001, 10 minutes
Myrid Carten, Sorrow had a baby, 2021, 17 minutes
Running time: 81 minutes

Biography, Myrid Carten 
Myrid Carten is an Irish filmmaker who makes films for cinema exhibition and galleries. Her work has been broadcast and screened internationally. She’s received commissions and funding from the BFI, NI Screen, Elephant Trust, Stuart Croft Foundation, and Screen Ireland. Her debut feature was selected for Screen Ireland’s ‘The Voice’ 2020 and won the DocsIE Pitch Award in 2019. Her work has been supported by the Temple Bar Gallery & Studios Project Studio Award, aemi Commission Award, Fire Station Artist Studios Digital Media Award, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, and The Arts Council of Ireland. She was a recipient of the Arts Council of Ireland’s Next Generation Artist Award 2018-19. mother’s tankstation are currently exhibiting her first solo show in Ireland ‘Preta: Hungry Ghost’ (until 4 June 2022). Her work will also be shown in 2022 at the Hugh Lane Gallery, Glebe Gallery, and Lismore Castle. Myrid’s work is the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Collection and The Arts Council of Ireland Collection.

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At night, a person stands on snowy ground in an urban area surrounded by apartment blocks with some lights on. The person in warm winter clothes, is wearing a sign with writing on it over their shoulders, and they are carrying a loudspeaker

Dorian Jaspers, Sun Dog, image courtesy the artist and Square Eyes Film

A snowy landscape scene featuring a person walking through deep snow down a slope where bare bushes peek through the snow. The sun is over the horizon, peeking through the clouds in a vivid purple and pink sky.

Dorian Jespers, Sun Dog, image courtesy the artist and Square Eyes Film

An image taken looking down on an old wooden kitchen chair with woven seat, placed beside a wooden table

Simon Aeppli, Secondhand daylight, image courtesy of the artist

A colour image image of an A4 notebook sitting open on a table. Multiple items are sellotaped and clipped onto the open pages, including keys, a postcard for Carrickfergus, a leaflet from a church, a ladybird in a bag, and a photograph of a man. Handwritten notes surround the items.

Simon Aeppli, Secondhand daylight, image courtesy of the artist

A still image from a black and white film of a group of women wearing dark traditional dresses and head shawls crying into white handkerchiefs

Cecilia Mangini, Stendalí: Suonano Ancora, image courtesy Cineteca di Bologna

At a dynamic angle, a camera points up from the ground at a beige scruffy dog, and a teenage girl and boy. behind them is a grassy bank and a tall pylon

Andrea Arnold, Dog, image courtesy of the artist

A still image from a film of a young girl with pale skin wearing a sports jacket and posing to the camera with her hand reaching towards the viewer

Eva Marie Rødbro, I touched her legs, courtesy of the artist