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NCAD Graduate Showcase 2021

1 September 2021 / / aemi online
A rolling programme with a new film screening every two weeks until 9 November, available to watch free worldwide

NCAD Graduate Showcase 2021, with an introductory text by Frank Wasser

This unique edition of ‘aemi online’ offers a snapshot of new moving image work from graduating film and media artists whose practices merit further exposure, especially given the reduction of traditional public degree shows that in usual circumstances take place right across the country at the end of the academic year. This ‘aemi online’ showcase – of work by five artists graduating from NCAD’s BFA in Media – leads on from a discursive event with NCAD students about their work that aemi was grateful to be a part of earlier in the summer. The five works selected to screen on ‘aemi online’ stood out as particularly well suited to the specific demands of an online exhibition platform. Over the next ten weeks, a rolling showcase will take place here on this webpage with a new film work taking over from the last on a biweekly basis. Accompanying the films is a commissioned text by artist, art historian and NCAD graduate Frank Wasser who identifies the tensions explored by these artists between notions of representation, concealment and fabrication.

NCAD Graduate Showcase 2021 screening schedule

Tess Treacy, Amalgam (1 – 14 September)
Sofia Rudi, May the peacock have its call and dance (15 – 28 September)
Francis O’Mahony, Nettle Bush (29 September – 12 October)
Jonathan O’Grady, Invocation (13 – 26 October)
Dan Shanahan, Zero / Point (27 October – 9 November)

Watch the films and read Frank Wasser’s text here

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Sofia Rudi, May the peacock have its call and dance, 2021, 2 minutes 21 seconds, image courtesy of the artist

Tess Treacy, Amalgam, 2021, 4 minutes 46 seconds, image courtesy of the artist

Francis O'Mahony, Nettle Bush, 2021, 6 minutes 34 seconds, image courtesy of the artist

Jonathan O'Grady, Invocation, 2021, 9 minutes 45 seconds, image courtesy of the artist

Dan Shanahan, Zero / Point, 2021, 4 minutes, image courtesy of the artist