aemi on demand

aemi-on-demand is an online platform through which aemi makes curated programmes of experimental film and artist moving image work available to Irish audiences. This initiative increases and diversifies access to aemi programming and guarantees artists' revenue for their work outside the context of in-person events. Programmes on aemi-on-demand will remain live for a fixed duration on a long-term basis, thereby giving audiences the time necessary to engage with a rich variety of content.

2020: A Year in Review (Programme 2)

Part II of aemi’s Year in Review series speaks to the potential of spaces that connect people, the roles of interlinking past and present communities within these, and the future value and affect of culture developing within these environments. Music also plays a significant part in this programme; highlighting togetherness through creativity and publicness, and through shared experiences of political resistance, intent and play.

Featuring works by: Onyeka Igwe, Lynne Sachs with and for Barbara Hammer, Sky Hopinka, Timothy Smith, Glenn Belverio, Rhea Storr, Laure Prouvost

Until 18 April 2021

91 mins | €5 | Rent on vimeo

2020: A Year in Review (Programme 1)

As we reflect and look back on a strange and challenging year we (aemi) have selected this programme of international works. Many of the works included in this programme are films that we encountered at festivals (back when in person festivals were still a thing) others are works we encountered later in the year through various online screenings and events and through discussions with artists, programmers, etc. 

Featuring works by: Ben Thorp Brown, Viktoria Schmid, Luke Fowler, Simon Liu, Graeme Arnfield, Sasha Litvintseva and Beny Wagner

Until 28 February 2021

96 mins | €5 | Rent on vimeo

Revenant Images

‘Revenant Images’ is an aemi programme curated by Irish film artist Patrick Hough around his film And If In A Thousand Years. The programme also features work by Anna Franceschini, John Skoog, Christin Turner and Clemens von Wedemeyer.

Until 7 March 2021

68 mins | €5 | Rent on vimeo