aemi is a Dublin-based initiative that supports and regularly exhibits moving image works by artists and experimental filmmakers. A key objective is to develop audiences for artists’ moving image in Ireland through regular, curated programmes of both Irish and international work with the intention of contributing to critical discourse around a wide range of practices in this area.

aemi prioritises access to the cinema space as a key exhibition site for visual arts-based moving image works. aemi also seeks to develop a strategic approach for the national and international dissemination of moving image works from Irish and Ireland-based artists. aemi endeavours to establish a multi-faceted network of support for moving image artists in Ireland. This would strengthen a connection with LUX, an international arts agency for artists who work with the moving image.

aemi was founded in Dublin by Alice Butler & Daniel Fitzpatrick in 2016. Along with Aoife Desmond, Alan Lambert, Donal Foreman and Esperanza Collado, both Daniel and Alice were curatorial members of The Experimental Film Club, a committee that presented over 50 artist and experimental moving image programmes, and since 2010, resided at The Irish Film Institute.

For EFC, programmes Daniel curated include ‘The Train, The Cinema’ (Jan 2011), Sarah Turner’s Perestroika (Dec 2012), ‘N or NW – Experimental Lineages Within British Documentary Cinema’ (Sept 2013) and ‘The Films of David Gatten’ (Feb 2015) as part of PLASTIK, a festival which he co-curates with Jenny Brady and Sibyl Montague.

Programmes Alice curated for EFC include Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen’s Riddles of The Sphinx (July 2014), Loop Structures (Aug 2014), Schmeerguntz, Films by Gunvor Nelson (March 2015), and Agnes Martin’s Gabriel (co-curated with Leah Reynolds, July 2015). Alice has also co-curated screenings with Dr Maeve Connolly; Wendelien van Oldenborgh’s Bete & Deise with Sarah Browne’s Something from Nothing (July 2014) and Rehana Zaman’s Some Women Other Women and all the Bittermen with Jaki Irvine’s City of Women (Aug 2015). Alice undertook a curatorial residency awarded by the Arts Council in 2016.

Since 2016 aemi has presented over twenty screening events featuring work by over fifty artists as well as producing, in collaboration with artist Cliona Harmey, ‘port | river | city’, a large-scale public art commission in 2017 with Dublin Port Company. aemi regularly partners with arts organisations (Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, The Douglas Hyde Gallery, PLASTIK Festival of Artists’ Moving Image, Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival, the Irish Museum of Modern Art and others) to present screening events that respond to, reflect upon and interact with the varied themes that arise in their public programmes.

aemi is interested in developing relationships with a wide range of other organisations as well as directly with the public and artists.

To contact aemi for further information email info@aemi.ie