aemi presents:

Process | Event

Still from Time & Distance Overcome, Tadhg O'Sullivan, 2018
Irish Film Institute

Screening Programme curated by aemi on artist as researcher, Saturday October 20th, 12.30pm with artists featured in Process | Event in attendance.

Project Arts Centre

30 October, 6pm: Dennis McNulty
10 November, 3.30pm: Tadhg O’Sullivan
20 November, 6pm: Jenny Brady
04 December, 6pm: Sarah Browne

20 October - 4 December, 2018

Process | Event is a unique series of discursive screening events featuring programmes curated by aemi, Dennis McNulty, Tadhg O’Sullivan, Jenny Brady and Sarah Browne.

Process | Event will launch with a screening curated by aemi on the artist as researcher at the Irish Film Institute on October 20th at 12.30pm. The four artist-led screenings will all take place at Project Arts Centre from October 30th to December 4th.

As audiences we generally encounter a film or artwork after or at the point of its completion. Process | Event offers the rare opportunity to observe and engage with an artist's thought process as it occurs, before the final form of what they are producing has been determined.

This programme comprises a series of collaborations between 'aemi' and four widely acclaimed Irish artists who work with the moving image. These events will be uniquely structured to give insight into the role of the artist or filmmaker as researcher, with each artist invited to select and present a screening programme that informs or reflects on ideas they are in the process of developing in relation to a new moving image work. The artists will adopt a variety of means to describe the relationship between the film works in the screening programme and their individual research processes, giving audiences the unique chance to respond to and participate in discussion led by the artists about their work.

aemi is supported by the Arts Council. Process | Event is made possible by the Arts Council through Arts Grant Funding.


Irish Film Institute
Process | Event

12.30pm, Sat October 20th, Irish Film Institute

Screening Programme curated by aemi on artist as researcher, Saturday October 20th, 12.30pm with artists featured in Process | Event in attendance Read more...

Still from Luke Fowler's Electro-Pythagoras (a portrait of Martin Bartlett) (2017)

Dennis McNulty
Configuration Space

6pm, Tue October 30th, Project Arts Centre

In recent years I've produced a number of custom display devices that combine media technologies with different physical and temporal characteristics, and sociotechnical resonances Read more...

TTOPOLOGY - Dennis McNulty, 2018

Tadhg O'Sullivan
Towards the Moon

3.30pm, Sat November 10th, Project Arts Centre

Tadhg O'Sullivan's current project To the Moon is a feature length essay structured as a wander through the night sky over a lunar month, taking in explorations of many of the themes associated with the moon across cultures and across time. Read more...

Jenny Brady
Late Call

6pm, Tue November 20th, Project Arts Centre

Late Call is a screening event drawing together artist films, clips from TV programmes, field recordings and new video material relating to the artists’ current film in production, Receiver. Over the course of a protracted telephone call, conversation drifts to reveal stories of language, identity and resistance Read more...

Still from Receiver, Jenny Brady, 2018

Sarah Browne

6pm, Tue December 4th, Project Arts Centre

Sarah Browne’s work concerned with non-verbal, bodily experiences of knowledge and justice. This practice involves sculpture, film, performance and public projects Read more...

Still from Report to an Academy, Sarah Browne, 2016